Evacuation Flights From Afghanistan Are Reportedly Leaving Below Full Capacity

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Caroline Melear Contributor
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Planes evacuating Americans and Afghan refugees are reportedly departing Kabul Airport in Afghanistan below full capacity.

United States Air Force C-17 transport planes are being used to evacuate thousands of individuals, but flights departing Thursday were only at about 60% capacity, according to Fox News. Two thousand people were evacuated Thursday, falling well short of the Pentagon goal of evacuating 5,000 to 9,000 people per day.  (RELATED: Biden Administration Reportedly Charging American Citizens Thousands For Evacuation Out Of Afghanistan)

Approximately 7,000 Americans and Afghan allies have been evacuated since Saturday, with as many as 15,000 American citizens still in Afghanistan as of Tuesday evening, according to NBC News. When asked how many Americans remain in Afghanistan, Pentagon Spokesman John Kirby responded “I don’t know.”

Chaos and confusion erupted at the Kabul airport in recent days, with scenes of massive crowds attempting to board flights and gunfire erupting around civilians and children.

Individuals attempting to evacuate were instructed to head for the airport in Kabul via a note sent out Tuesday. In the note they were informed that “the United States government cannot guarantee your security as you make this trip.”