San Diego Man Bursts Into Unhinged Rant Against Vaccine Mandates At Board Of Supervisors Meeting

Screenshot/YouTube/San Diego Board Of Supervisors

Brianna Lyman Commentary Writer
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A San Diego man went off on an unhinged rant against vaccine mandates at a San Diego County Board of Supervisors meeting Tuesday, likening White House chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci to Adolf Hitler.

Several concerned parents and San Diego residents took to the podium to express their grievances over a potential coronavirus vaccine mandate. But it was a man, self-identified as Matt Baker from Ocean Beach, California, who stole the show. Beginning his more than two-minute speech by pretending to blow wind around the room, Baker went off about potential mandates.

“That is the wind of time, that is the wind of history, that is the wind blowing through your ancestors’ bones begging you to do the right thing,” says an impassioned Baker, who begins once again to blow into the microphone

“The wind that is blowing through the black people, through the white people, through the Chinese people, through the Mexican American people … they are begging you and they are blowing through your veins and they should be putting a tingle up the spine of your back and they should be begging you to do the right thing!”

Baker then warns that should authorities put in place a vaccine mandate, they will never give up their power. “You are about to open a pit of hell! You do not get a vaccine passport put on us. You know as the population who is in control … you know once you get a power you will never relinquish it!”

Suddenly, Baker begins screaming about the “fate” authorities will meet should they impose a mandate.

“Your children and your children’s children will be subjugated!” Baker screamed, saying kids would soon be asked how many vaccines they had received before likening Fauci to Hitler. “They will be asked ‘how many vaccines have you had? Have you been a good little Nazi? Heil Fauci! Heil Fauci!”

Baker also brought out a copy of the Nuremberg Code, claiming the board was in violation of section 1.

Others shared Baker’s concerns, albeit not as passionately, according to Fox 5. (RELATED: Fox News Poll: Americans Support Vaccine Mandates And Passports)

Supervisor Jim Desmond says while he supports getting the vaccine, he does not believe it should be mandated. “I’m completely against a mandated workplace vaccination,” Desmond reportedly said. “COVID is here to stay.”

California has seen several anti-vaccine mandate protests, with hundreds of people gathering in Los Angeles on Saturday to protest against “medical tyranny.”