Taliban Reportedly ‘Beating And Harassing Evacuees, Scaring Many Off’

Shakib Rahmani. AFP. Getty.

Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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The Taliban has reportedly been “beating and harassing evacuees” at Kabul International Airport, according to John Noonan, the senior counselor for Military & Defense Affairs with Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton.

“Have been speaking with evacuees directly on the ground in Kabul,” Noonan tweeted. “Taliban not honoring their word. Obstructing ingress points to the airport, beating and harassing evacuees, scaring many off. US troops prohibited from expanding perimeter or helping. Many still stuck.”

Noonan tweeted he told one woman who had her 10-year-old daughter with her to move toward the East gate. The woman texted Noonan a picture of the Taliban pointing guns at evacuees and said they won’t let anyone through to the airport. “89 degrees, alone, with a little girl hurt from prior day’s rush on the gates,” Noonan tweeted. “She had to go back.”

Noonan also said another evacuee, a U.S. citizen, told him that he plans on going to the airport Friday with his injured mother. The U.S. citizen texted him that his friend has a broken back from being hit with an AK-47.  (RELATED: Biden Administration Reportedly Charging American Citizens Thousands For Evacuation Out Of Afghanistan)

“I also have back problems because I got hit with back of machine gun,” the U.S. citizen texted Noonan.

“We are trying to get these people out, especially State Dept and our military who are both trying to work miracles against restrictive ROEs but they don’t have a good goddamn chance if the Taliban won’t let them near the airport,” Noonan tweeted.

The Taliban’s fast takeover in Afghanistan occurred after President Joe Biden ordered that U.S. troops withdraw from the country.