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As per Utkarsh Raj, Money and Success Are Only By-products of Pursuing your Passion

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Passion is a powerful energy that comes from focusing on what excites you. The skill in transfer is where the art aspect comes into play. Passion applied to sustainable business ventures motivates people to achieve greatness. When done strategically, you can stand out in a way that essentially eliminates competition. We spoke with Utkarsh Raj, a serial digital entrepreneur and cryptocurrency investor, about how money and success are just by-products of pursuing your passion.

Utkarsh Raj, a 20-year-old serial entrepreneur, is creating waves in the e-commerce industry. At 14, he began working and innovating, which led to his interest in blockchain technology and investment in Bitcoin. With a long list of accomplishments ranging from drop shipping to Bitcoin, the young digital entrepreneur has experienced numerous challenges and has lost money on multiple investments. He was, nevertheless, adamant and committed to continuing on his course with confidence and courage. While going through these ups and downs of life, he recognized the need to be consistent in his labor of passion to gain money and achieve success.

According to Utkarsh, starting a business takes time and work. “Even when success does not happen overnight, you cannot neglect passion as a key ingredient in asserting achievement,” Utkarsh states. He believes that you can find passion by discovering your unique gift and patiently nurturing it as you build an angle to express yourself distinctively. “Investing in your passion helps you to be more creative and productive, which leads to success. This is because it fuels and accelerates the desire for growth, which helps people overcome barriers and achieve success,” he explains.

Utkarsh Raj also believes that money and achievement without passion lead to dissatisfaction. “Don’t get me wrong; money and success are strong forces that can build or break empires. From my own experience, money can buy you anything and make your ambitions come true, but passion attracts happiness, value, and genuine fulfillment, making success a rewarding reality.” Clearly, with passion, great things are accomplished.