‘Your Filthy Actions’: Israel Allegedly Strikes Syrian Site, Later Drops Pamphlets Discouraging Hezbollah Cooperation

(Photo by AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP via Getty Images)

Gabrielle Temaat Contributor
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Israel allegedly targeted sites near Damascus, Syria, in an airstrike and dropped pamphlets discouraging Hezbollah cooperation Thursday, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Four Syrian civilians were killed in the airstrike after missiles hit the town of Qara, with three others injured, the Jerusalem Post reported. Syrian air defenses shot down most of the missiles and fired more than ten missiles at Israeli planes overnight Thursday, the Jerusalem Post reported.

Lebanon Prime Minister Hassan Diab asked Defense Minister Zeina Akar to file a complaint against Israel for violating Lebanon’s sovereignty and endangering civil aviation, the Jerusalem Post reported. Two civilian planes headed to Beirut were forced to change paths during the Israeli airstrike, according to the Jerusalem Post. (RELATED: US Missile Strikes Hit Iranian-Backed Militias As Joe Biden Orders Retaliation For Rocket Attacks)

Akar condemned Israel, claiming that the airstrike “blatantly violated Lebanon’s airspace at low altitude, causing a state of panic among citizens,” the Jerusalem Post reported.

The Israel Defense Forces allegedly dropped pamphlets hours later, warning Syrian soldiers to stop working with Hezbollah, according to the Jerusalem Post. “Despite our previous warnings about this and even after the attack on the al-Qahtaniah base on 17/06/21, Hezbollah — in a manipulative way — has turned you into a tool, into marionettes. It uses you as its eyes and it uses your bases without you even knowing,” the pamphlets reportedly stated.

“It is no secret that Jawad Hasham is currently in the Golan and in Daraa. Your filthy actions on behalf of Hezbollah are considered by the Syrian Army to be a top priority,” the pamphlets continued, according to the Jerusalem Post.
Hasham is a Hezbollah official helping strengthen relations between Iran and the Syrian Army, the Jerusalem Post reported.