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Richard Yu’s Guide on Establishing Brand Trust and Authenticity in an Over-Saturated Market

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Trust: the word is powerful enough to deserve its own sentence. Trust is essential in every business, and it is the foundation that you have to build on to reach success while building a brand. High-performance coach Richard Yu is the founder of an educational institution that enlightens aspiring coaches and consultants on how to organically build their customer base and increase sales without simply relying on paid ads. It is Richard’s belief that paid advertising encourages a transaction rather than inspiring a genuine relationship with the brand. He is part of a revolution that aims to put authenticity back into direct marketing. Here, Richard Yu shares his guide on how to stand out in a highly saturated market and establish genuine brand trust and authenticity.

A supporter of impactful mentorship, Richard Yu explains that trust and authenticity start with humility. He shares this from his own journey of entrepreneurship which taught him the value of humility and guidance. Yu says, “If you want to rise above an over-saturated market and have your brand become known for its authenticity and trustworthiness, then lead with humility, show gratitude for your customer base, and be willing to learn newer ways of operating from those who are better than you. Always remember this mantra: if serving is below you, then leading is above you.”

The second most important quality that Richard Yu believes is essential for authenticity is transparency. Yu started a YouTube channel that initially documented his daily life as a UCLA student, and as his entrepreneurial horizons broadened, so did his outlook and his channel. In fifty-three weeks, his YouTube following grew from zero to 100k. It was clear that his humility stayed intact throughout his success, as he remained transparent about his journey into entrepreneurship with his audience and shared relatable day-in-the-life style videos that showed his daily routine.

Authenticity and trust are invaluable components in building brand value. As per Richard Yu, establishing brand authenticity is within anyone’s reach as long as they lead with humility and transparency and remain true to the core values on which they built their brand.