‘Really Bad At Numbers’: Kayleigh McEnany Knocks Biden White House For Not Knowing How Many People Are Still In Afghanistan

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Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany criticized the Biden administration Monday for not knowing how many Americans are stranded in Afghanistan.

McEnany said on Fox News’ “Outnumbered” that the Pentagon press corps is asking smart and in-depth questions and “trying to get answers,” but the American people are allegedly not receiving them. “The only thing that we’ve learned out of all of this is that the Biden White House is really bad at numbers,” McEnany argued.


Pentagon press secretary John Kirby did not specify Monday how many Americans have evacuated Afghanistan. “We’ve been able to evacuate several thousand Americans,” Kirby said. “I’d be reticent to get too more specific than that, but since the 14th, we believe we have been able to evacuate several thousand Americans.” Kirby continued.”The number is very fluid, and it literally changes, nearly by the hour.” (RELATED: Taliban Reportedly Hands Down Death Sentence For Brother Of Afghan Translator)

Host of “Outnumbered” Harris Faulkner told McEnany, “They could just tell us they don’t have [the numbers], right? You heard Admiral Kirby saying, ‘well, let’s just say thousands.’ Well, let’s not say anything if you don’t really know.”

“They cannot give us an inventory of the equipment,” McEnany replied. “They cannot give us a count of the number of people who have died at the airport in Kabul. Remember last week it was people hanging from planes, this week people getting trampled. And they can’t give us a number?” 

“And then they can’t give us the number of Americans stranded in Afghanistan or they can’t give us the number of al-Qaida,” McEnany continued. “Remember, Joe Biden said it was zero, but in fact it’s far more than zero. They don’t have a number, but the one thing they can tell us is that our intelligence capacity is vastly diminished because the number of troops on the ground there is no longer. What a scary scenario when you have a White House without facts and an intelligence capacity that is diminished.”