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Artist Blends More Than Just Color: How Alexandra Squire Followed Her Passion While Raising a Family

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Alexandra Squire is an iconic, abstract contemporary painter and artist. She is a highly talented artist whose sophisticated yet simple art pieces are taking the industry by storm. Through her brand, Alexandra Squire Fine Art, she has positioned herself as the future of the fine art industry. Her artwork has appeared in several local and international shows, gaining traction from thousands of art lovers.

Alexandra shares a deep passion for art, and she is always working hard to hone her craft. She employs a straightforward portrayal to convey meaningful, open-ended messages about society.

Art is special to Alexandra’s heart, and she considers it another pillar of the person she is today. It took her lots of patience, many trials and errors, before identifying the right process.

Alexandra is no exception; she shares one of the most challenging yet inspirational stories like any other success story. Alexandra is a journalist-turned-artist who struggled in the early stages of her new career. She was an ambitious woman following her passion and guts. She went from being an on-air journalist to being a painter. Alexandra wasn’t happy being in the media environment and was never inspired by the culture of 9-5 jobs. She left the promising media career to follow what she loved most, a move that no one expected.

How could a mother of three young children leave a promising job to wander in a dream? Alexandra found herself struggling to accept reality, still figuring out how she would maneuver through the parenthood role. There was so much happening in her life worthy of her attention rather than chasing her passion. However, she was more than determined, her sanity and happiness were more important to her, and she was ready to risk it all.

It was not easy starting over again, considering her children were relatively close in age. With an uncertain future, Alexandra was engrossed in natural fears and jitters. The only thing she was certain about was that she had made the right decision.

Through ups and downs, Alexandra was able to navigate through the scary yet fulfilling career path. She gradually overcomes her fears and obstacles in her path to success.

Today, Alexandra is a master of her craft, fully living her dream. She has created a unique, reliable, and productive process that works best for her. She paints on both wood panels and canvases, showing that she’s versatile in her work. On the wood panels, Alexandra uses resin in between each layer and sands it. Once dry, she cleans the dust off, levels the pieces, and ensures that the right amounts of the mixture are used. Though it may appear simple, it took her quite a time to figure out how it works. Learning how to do this and handle the shipping safely was also a challenge in itself. It takes her about six weeks on average to complete one piece.

Alexandra hopes to maintain her dominance in the industry and more significantly make art appealing to more people in the future. She hopes to bring fine art to the open table and allow everyone to marvel at this powerful tool.

And as the saying goes, “It’s always better to follow your dreams and passion rather than a pension.”

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