Gov. Kristi Noem Fires Back After Matt Walsh Says She’s Considered For 2024 Because Of Her Looks

(Photo by Melissa Sue Gerrits/Getty Images)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem fired back at podcast host Matt Walsh Wednesday after he said she is being considered a potential frontrunner for 2024 is because of her looks.

“Instead of engaging in a debate about the proper role of government and how it isn’t conservative to tell people how to do business, @MattWalshBlog stooped to horrible misogyny,” the governor tweeted Wednesday to her hundreds of thousands of followers.

“Eyes up here, Matt,” she added. (RELATED: Noem Spokesman Slams ‘Conservative Cancel Culture’)


“Hey @benshapiro tell @MattWalshBlog I was roping bulls ( maybe he’s a steer?) bigger than him when I was in my teens,” Noem tweeted in a second post directed to Walsh’s boss Ben Shapiro at The Daily Wire. “He couldn’t walk a day in my shoes.”

“Kristi Noem’s a very attractive woman,” Walsh said. “So, she’s got that going for her. As far as I can tell, that’s the only reason for why she was ever looked at as some sort of 2024 potential frontrunner.” (RELATED: Kristi Noem Wavers On Bill Banning Biological Males From Women’s Sports)

“The hype and everything that she’s gotten from conservative media is entirely based on the fact that she’s an extremely attractive woman,” he claimed. “Which she is. But you put 50 pounds on her and another 20 years and I don’t think she gets any of the hype.”

Shortly after Noem’s tweets surfaced, the podcast host hit back and tweeted the governor had trotted out “the lame ‘misogyny’ line.”

In a later post, he said Noem got the clip of his podcast “from Media Matters” to “hit conservatives.”


And tweeted that the governor had cropped “the clip to leave out the part” where he said he explained why he was “criticizing her” along with other Republicans. In the longer clip, Walsh called out those leaders on the right who “don’t want to use” their power and said he had “no use for Republicans” who have “made themselves useless.”