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Physical and Mental Well-Being Are Closely Linked To Our Dietary Choices, Says Ruti Gomes

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It took a global pandemic for humans to realize the value of good health. Fortunately, with more people growing more and more aware and conscious about the state of their physical and mental being, the times are changing. A healthy lifestyle is the need of the hour, and strong voices are advocating for it, like Ruti Gomes.

Based in Sinop, Brazil, Ruti Gomes is a student of nutrition. A staunch believer in a balanced lifestyle, she specializes in creating nutrition action plans for students. Even though she is yet to graduate, her thoughts and words have resonated deeply with people who have followed her advice to lead healthier lives.

As a nutritionist, Ruti guides others on the road to well-being. Her methods are neither generic nor inspired by trends, but tried and tested templates that are backed by science and experience. Food is fuel for the body. If the fuel is good and clean, then the machine runs perfectly. But if there are impurities in the fuel, then the machine malfunctions. Nutritionists, in a sense, are engineers working to create the best possible fuel and mechanisms for the machine to work properly. So while cheesy pizza for breakfast is more tempting, the green smoothie is what will help us become more durable and efficient.

Food governs every aspect of our lives. Everything that we consume reacts with our body in a different way. Some foods help build muscle, some help lose weight. Some are acidic in nature, while some act as a good base. The smells of certain dishes make our mouths water, while some smells give us a headache. Not eating makes us cranky while having too much food makes us feel lazy and bloated. Our emotions, our physical form, our mental capacity are all affected by our dietary choices, which is why it is important to pay attention to our diet.

Through various permutations and combinations, nutritionists create the perfect plan that helps our body and mind work at optimum capacity. In today’s world, where health and immunity are the top priority, this advice is much needed. And with nutritionists such as Ruti being there to guide us, there’s no excuse to not step up our diet game and make conscious healthy choices for our physical and mental well-being.