Seahawks Offensive Line Makes Bets On Who Can Make The Most Knockdown Blocks

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

John Rigolizzo Contributor
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Seattle Seahawks Offensive Lineman Damien Lewis told reporters Thursday that he has a running wager with fellow lineman Gabe Jackson over who can knock the most people down over the course of the season.

Lewis, a second-year Offensive Guard from LSU, told reporters about the bet at a Seahawks press conference.

“He came to me about two weeks ago, he asked me ‘do y’all be competing, you know, who get the most knockdowns?'” Lewis said. “I told him ‘yeah, yeah, me and you can get it right now.'” (RELATED: Isaiah McKenzie Reveals The NFL Is Apparently Spying On Unvaccinated Players)

Lewis told reporters that the Jackson brought the wager over from his time with the Las Vegas Raiders. Jackson was drafted by the Raiders in 2014. He spent six seasons with them, playing in 100 games, with 99 starts. He was traded to the Seahawks in March.

Lewis told reporters that the number of knockdowns will be tallied by Center Kyle Fuller. The loser will have to buy dinner for the entire offensive line at the end of the season. Lewis said that, hopefully, the dinner wouldn’t be happening until after the Super Bowl.

Bets like this between linemen are pretty common, and they seem like a great way to encourage competition. But personally, I’m going to defer to the veteran. Jackson has been doing this for a lot longer, and he knows how to run over a defender.

I hope Damien Lewis is ready to open his wallet.