Dan Crenshaw: The US Is ‘In A Worse Position Now Than On September 10th, 2001’

Photo Courtesy of the Committee on Arrangements for the 2020 Republican National Committee via Getty Images

Henry Rodgers Chief National Correspondent
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Republican Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw said Monday the U.S. is in a worse position now than it was on Sept. 10, 2001, warning of the reformation of Al-Qaida and wondering who will protect America from possible attacks moving forward.

In an interview with Fox News’s Brian Kilmeade on Fox News radio, Crenshaw was asked about the upcoming 20th anniversary of September 11, saying this one should not be different than the years prior, but said America is in a worse position now than before September 10, 2001.

“We’re in a worse position now than we were on September 1o, 2001. It’s always worth reminding people, we weren’t at war then, but somebody was at war with us, and guess what, they are still at war with us. Joe Biden did not end any war. That was always the myth. That was always the false promise from politicians, ‘we’re gonna end the wars’. Well, the enemy has a say in that and they’ve made that pretty clear as of late,” Crenshaw said.


“It’s frustrating for a lot of us who served there. Now, don’t get me wrong, our service was not in vain. We got something out of that 20 years. What we got was no more 9/11’s and that’s not nothing, that’s something. But I am not sure who is going to be there to protect America from these kind of attacks in the future when Al-Qaeda reforms and finally gets some breathing room, which they’re very happy to have now, and can start to externalize their operations again,” Crenshaw added. (RELATED: ‘Joe Biden Is A Coward’: Dan Crenshaw Says Biden Is Taking Orders From ‘Band Of Barbaric Terrorists,’ Ignoring American Citizens)

On Tuesday, Crenshaw slammed President Joe Biden’s decision to have all Americans out of Afghanistan by Aug. 31, saying he is taking orders from the Taliban and will leave American citizens behind. (RELATED: McConnell Rips Biden’s Handling Of Afghanistan As ‘One Of The Greatest Foreign Policy Disasters’ In US History)

Crenshaw sent out a tweet after news broke that Biden would not extend the Aug. 31 Afghanistan withdrawal deadline, despite many Americans needing to be evacuated and allies urging Biden to extend it. In the tweet, he called Biden a “coward” and said he is taking orders from “a band of barbaric terrorists.”

“The world just witnessed the President of the United States take orders from a band of barbaric terrorists while ignoring the pleas of our international allies and American citizens he will leave behind,” Crenshaw said in the tweet. “Joe Biden is a coward.”