Pentagon Spox: Some Weapons In Taliban’s Hands Have ‘Lethality Component’ But ‘It Doesn’t Pose A Threat To The United States’

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said Monday the Taliban does not pose a threat to the U.S. or its neighbors despite having a cache of lethal American weapons.

“The kinds of equipment we’re talking about, while certainly there’s a lethality component to it, it doesn’t pose a threat to the United States, it doesn’t pose a threat to neighboring nations. These are not the kinds of things that the Taliban can make great strategic use out of,” Kirby said.

The Taliban seized billions of dollars worth of military equipment the U.S. gave to the now-defunct Afghan military. The terrorist organization is now in possession of 2,000 armored vehicles and upwards of 40 aircraft including Black Hawks and ScanEagle drones, Reuters reported. (RELATED: Republicans Demand Full Accounting Of Equipment Seized By Taliban In Letter To White House)

The Department of Defense has evaded several questions on the weapon seizure, with a top U.S. military official having said he didn’t “have information” about any efforts to take back the equipment that had been captured by the Taliban.

National security adviser Jake Sullivan did confirm the Taliban seized a “fair amount” of equipment in mid-August.