‘The David Hookstead Show’: America Leaves Afghanistan, The Future Of Dating In America Is Very Dark, Couple Sends Invoice To People Who Skipped Wedding, Wisconsin Favored Against Penn State Week One, Scott Frost Makes Embarrassing Comment About Loss To Illinois, Petition Demands ASU Drop Sun Devils Mascot, Tony Dungy Is Against The NFL Embracing Gambling, ‘Ozark’ Will Finish Filming Season 4 In October and Monica’s Fate In ‘Yellowstone

David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Welcome to the Tuesday episode of “The David Hookstead Show.”

On today’s episode, we’re talking about America leaving Afghanistan, the future of dating in America looks very dark, couple sends out an invoice to people who skipped their wedding, ESPN’s FPI favors Wisconsin against Penn State, Scott Frost makes embarrassing claim about being unprepared against Illinois, people want Arizona State to change their mascot, Tony Dungy is against the NFL embracing gambling, “Ozark” will wrap filming October and Monica might have an unexpected fate in “Yellowstone.”

Let’s get started!


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