Sheriff’s Department Looking For Inmate Who Escaped By Pretending To Be Someone Else In Prison

Richard Bouhet/Getty Images

Kevin Harness Contributor
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A local sheriff’s department is on the lookout for a Missouri woman who reportedly escaped prison by impersonating one of her fellow inmates.

The manhunt was started in Colombus, Missouri, when 24-year-old Ellen Renay Goble, who was held on five unspecified charges, posed as another inmate to escape Saturday morning, according to a report from local KMIZ-TV. (RELATED: Prisoner Breaks From Jail By Going Through ‘Several Layers Of Building Material’ And Bypassing Fence)

The Randolph County Sheriff’s Department did not know about Goble’s escape until they were notified by other inmates, KMIZ reported. Jail staff then went back to check the cells to make sure all inmates were accounted for and confirmed that Goble had been falsely released, according to the outlet.

Sheriff Aaron Wilson reportedly put together a group to locate Goble and investigate how she managed to escape. The Sheriff’s Office also said they would implement new security measures in order to prevent future incidents from happening, according to KMIZ.

The Sheriff’s Department believed that Goble was still in the area and that she did not pose a threat to herself or anyone, KMIZ reported. However, they urged citizens to exercise extreme caution if confronted by her, according to the outlet.

45-year-old Charlie “Mikey” Everitt managed to escape a California prison in April. At the time, he was the seventh inmate to escape from jail in Merced County in 2021, Fox News reported.