Chilling Video Captures Great White Shark Circling Coast Guard Boat


Kevin Harness Contributor
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Crew members at U.S. Coast Guard Station Coos Bay captured a video of a great white shark as it was swimming around their boat.

The crew was out two miles offshore of the Oregon coast last Wednesday when the ten to twelve-foot shark decided to pay them a visit, according to the Oregon Coast Beach Connection.

The Coast Guard wrote in a post on Facebook that the shark swam around the crew’s boat for a few minutes and that it seemed to be curious. (RELATED: Terrifying Video Shows A Great White Shark Eating A Humpback Whale)


“The crew and the shark may have been equally interested in each other. We were lucky enough to be able to spend about 10 minutes admiring the presence of this amazing creature approximately two miles off the coast of Bandon, OR,” the post stated. (RELATED: Great White Shark Bites Chum From Fishing Boat In New Jersey)

Crew member Kaylee Salo said that it was the first time that any of the crew members had a live encounter with a great white shark and that the experience was unforgettable, according to a report from KCBY 11.

The great white is one of seventeen species of sharks that are commonly found on the Oregon coast and are the only species found along the coast that most often attacks people, KCBY 11 reported. The one in the video, however, appeared to be more curious than hungry.