‘This May Be The President’: NJ Governor Misses A Very Important Call During Live Broadcast

Screenshot/Fox News

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy appeared to miss a call from President Joe Biden during a live press conference Wednesday.

Murphy was surveying damages from the impact of Hurricane Ida, which had dumped record amounts of rainfall from Philadelphia to New York in a matter of hours, when his phone rang as he spoke to reporters on the scene. (RELATED: Hundreds Of Thousands Still Without Power As States Recover From Hurricane Ida’s Destruction)


Murphy was speaking to reporters about the impact of climate change and his support for legislative efforts that could help his state be better prepared for storms in the future.

“The federal infrastructure bill that is being debated, God willing voted on sooner than later, should say bills. You have two different buckets there. Any amount of that will be of huge help toward our efforts,” Murphy began, getting distracted as his phone began to ring.

“I want to make sure this isn’t — I can’t see this thing. I believe this may be the president,” Murphy said, looking down at his phone as it continued to ring. “So I’m just gonna take this and make sure…”

He appeared to try to answer the call while someone standing nearby cracked, “Tell him I said hello!”

“I think I missed that,” Murphy said as the ringing stopped, turning back to the reporters and continuing with the press conference. “We will put state resources into this as we have done and will continue to do but the game changer here is the feds and the work that we’re doing with federal dollars.”