Tucker Carlson: ‘Unlike The Pashtun Taliban, No One In Texas Is Getting Tens Of Billions In Free Weapons’

Credit: Screengrab / Fox News)

Heather Hunter Contributor
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Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson slammed progressive activists for comparing supporters of Texas’ pro-life law to the Taliban.

Carlson rebutted the likening of the Texas pro-life activists to Taliban terrorists. (RELATED: Judge Grants Temporary Restraining Order Partially Blocking Enforcement Of Texas Heartbeat Act)

“Unfortunately, unlike the Pashtun Taliban, no one in Texas is getting tens of billions in free weapons from Joe Biden. The National Right To Life isn’t getting black hawks or 360,000 AR-15s,” Carlson said on a Thursday broadcast of his Fox News show. “It’s different to be the American Taliban.”

Texas’ pro-life law went into effect Wednesday after the Supreme Court refused to block Heartbeat Act (S.B. 8), which banned abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

Carlson’s critique was in response to various commentators drawing comparisons between the supporters of the law and the Taliban. For example, author Frank Schaeffer appeared on Joy Reid’s MSNBC show and used the phrase “American Taliban.” (RELATED: ‘Texas Taliban’: Abortion Law Is As Bad As Literal Terrorists, According To Liberal Activists)

“We have a situation in Texas right now, tonight, where the American Taliban — because that’s what it is,” Schaeffer said on “The Reid Out” program.

He went on to suggest that supporters of the Texas law were like “Islamic terrorists.”

“There’s not an American evangelical movement. There is an American Taliban, weirdly similar in so many ways to the Middle Eastern Islamic terrorists,” he said.