‘We Feel Abandoned’: Anti-Taliban Group Fights For Their Lives As Clashes Intensify In Afghanistan’s Last Major Holdout Province

Credit: screengrab / Fox News

Heather Hunter Contributor
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A spokesperson of the Afghanistan National Resistance Front (NRF) joined “Fox News Primetime” with host Tammy Bruce Thursday to share the situation on the ground in Afghanistan as his anti-Taliban group in the Panjshir Valley continues to fight for their region following the Aug. 31 withdrawal.

“We have Al-Qaeda right now and many other terrorist groups in the front line fighting against a National Resistance Front,” Afghan National Resistance Front’s Ali Nazary told Fox News. “We feel abandoned because we’re fighting a war against terror however we have no allies.”

The Afghan resistance group is fighting to protect the Panjshir Valley, Afghanistan’s last major holdout against Taliban rule. Heavy clashes erupted overnight in the region between the Taliban and the resistance group, according to CNN. (RELATED: We Left Hundreds Of Americans Behind In Afghanistan To End A 20-Year War. What’s Next?)

Nazary called his group “the last remaining U.S. allies inside Afghanistan.”

“We are not being supported,” he pleaded for help. “There is no one by our side to help us against transnational terrorism at the moment.”

The Afghan Resistance leader Amrullah Saleh – formerly the Vice President of Afghanistan until President Ashraf Ghani fled the country – called for “RESISTANCE” on Friday as clashes intensified with Taliban forces. (RELATED: Afghan Vice President Says Difference Between Taliban And Al Qaida Is Like ‘Coke And Pepsi’) 

Saleh tweeted that the Taliban has “blocked humanitarian access to Panjshir” and have shut down phone, electricity and access to medicine in the region.

In a recent interview with Fox News, Congressman Michael Waltz spoke to the importance of supporting our allies such as Saleh and his resistance group in Afghanistan. (RELATED: ‘Blood Is On Biden’s Hands’: Rep. Mike Waltz Warns ‘War Is Not Over,’ Says Terrorism ‘Will Follow Us Home’) 

“Biden gave all of our bases away. Local allies are being hunted down. All we have left is Vice President Saleh, Ahmed Massoud and the Panjshir Valley. If we let them get overrun by the Taliban, then our future soldiers literally have nothing to work with to deal with a resurgent al Qaeda,” he told Fox News.

Hundreds of families are currently fleeing heavy fighting in the region between Taliban fighters and the resistance group, reports Al Jazeera on Friday.

“We’re going to continue our struggle to preserve democracy, to preserve the rights and freedom of everyone in Afghanistan and to bring justice and to defeat terrorism until the end,” Nazary told Fox Thursday night.

Nazary said his group feels “left alone” to fight and defend against Al-Qaeda, ISIS-K and the Taliban.

“They are going after us,” he said. “Right now, terrorism still exists. The threat of terrorism is much greater compared to 2001.”