Iran Says They Are Ready For Nuclear Talks But Without ‘Western Pressure’

(Photo by ATTA KENARE/AFP via Getty Images)

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Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi declared on Saturday that Iran was ready to hold talks with world powers regarding a new arrangement about nuclear weapons.

Raisi stated his desire for a new nuclear agreement that would involve the lifting of sanctions imposed by the United States, Reuters reported. Reviving the 2015 nuclear accord is also an option Raisi stated. He stipulated these talks must not include Western “pressure.”

“The Westerners and the Americans are after talks together with pressure … What kind of talks is that? I have already announced that we will have talks on our government’s agenda but not with … pressure,” Raisi told state television. (RELATED: US Mulls Additional Sanctions On Iran As Nuclear Deal Negotiations Stall: REPORT)

The United States and Iran appear to have mutual interest in resurrecting the 2015 nuclear deal. Earlier this year, both sides met in Vienna to discuss this possibility, according to Al Jazeera. However, talks stalled after six rounds of talks.

“Talks are on the agenda … We are seeking goal-oriented negotiations … so unjust sanctions on the Iranian people are lifted … and their lives can flourish,” he added.

France, Germany and Britain raised concerns in August amid reports from the United Nations nuclear watchdog about Iran’s nuclear program activities. This report accused Iran of producing uranium metal “enriched up to 20% fissile purity for the first time and lifted production capacity of uranium enriched to 60%,” Reuters reported.

Iran stated their peaceful intentions regarding its nuclear program. It has also emphasized communication and cooperation with the watchdog group about their nuclear program, according to Reuters. Iran encouraged a return to the a deal reminiscent of the 2015 accord if the United States participated and also lifted the current sanctions.