Pete Buttigieg And Husband Chasten Adopt Two Babies

Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Taylor Giles Contributor
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Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg announced Saturday that he and his husband Chasten had adopted two babies.

The couple adopted Penelope Rose and Joseph August Buttigieg, according to a tweet from Buttigieg’s personal Twitter account.

“Chasten and I are beyond thankful for all the kind wishes since first sharing the news that we’re becoming parents,” Buttigieg tweeted. (RELATED: Buttigieg Says He Won’t Be ‘Lectured On Family Values’ By Rush Limbaugh Or Trump Supporters)

Previously, Buttigieg had tweeted on Aug. 17 that he and Chasten had become parents.

However, the couple did not release the name or the number of children they were adopting at the time. “The process isn’t done yet and we’re thankful for the love, support, and respect for our privacy that has been offered to us,” Buttigieg tweeted.

The Buttigiegs’ private life has been the topic of discussion on Twitter recently. Chasten told The Washington Post in July that the couple couldn’t afford the rent for a two-bedroom apartment and had instead opted for the cheaper one-bedroom. “We’re doing fine for ourselves, and [yet] the city is almost unaffordable,” Chasten told The Post.