‘We Have To Have A Full Reckoning’: Adam Kinzinger Says Republicans Shouldn’t Have Majority If They Embrace Conspiracies


Aaron Cummings Contributor
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Republican Illinois Rep. Adam Kinzinger said that the Republican party doesn’t deserve to have the majority in Congress if they continue to be, in his view, the party of “anger,” “division,” and a lack of truth within it.

Republican Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs, head of the House Freedom Caucus, sent a letter to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy insisting that Kinzinger and Republican Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney should be removed from the GOP caucus after their involvement in the Jan. 6 committee, according to CNN.

Kinzinger responded to Biggs in an interview on CNN with Dana Bash, describing the process of the Jan. 6 committee.

“We have to have a full reckoning of what happened on Jan. 6th, and we have to turn away from conspiracy,” he said. “I think if we’re going to be in charge and pushing conspiracy and pushing division and pushing lies, then the Republican party should not have the majority.”

Biggs’ letter had stated, “Republican Conference meetings are an opportunity for elected House Republicans to come together and strategize the most effective path to push back on the radical policies of Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats.”

According to CNN, Kinzinger and Cheney haven’t been to these Republican conference meetings.

Both representatives have been outspoken against Republicans like Biggs who favor former President Trump over neoconservative factions in the GOP.

In May, Cheney was voted out of leadership by House Republicans after making strong statements against Trump, reported by the BBC. (RELATED: January 6 Commission Taps Liz Cheney As Vice Chair While Republicans Move To Oust Her From Their Caucus).