Comedian, 2 Others Die From Fentanyl-Laced Cocaine

Manuel Barrero

Kevin Harness Contributor
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Comedian Fuquan Johnson, and two other victims died from a drug overdose while comedian Kate Quigley was rushed to an L.A. hospital.

Johnson, along with the two victims who have been identified as Enrico Colangeli and Natalie Williamson, died from taking cocaine that had traces of fentanyl at a Venice home on Friday night, TMZ reported. (RELATED: Father Charged After 18-Month-Old Daughter Overdoses On Fentanyl)

Authorities said that there was a small party going on at a Venice home where both Johnson and Quigley were present. A few owners of the home where the events had taken place have been identified and authorities knew Quigley owned the home next door which was where the 911 call took place, according to TMZ.

Cops arrived on the scene to find the victims who appeared dead or were close to being dead. Johnson, Colangeli and Williamson were all pronounced dead while Quigley was in critical condition and on her way to the hospital. Authorities have also said that all four victims were thought to have taken the fentanyl-laced cocaine and autopsies would be performed for the three victims who died, according to TMZ.

The LAPD’s homicide unit has been notified about the case but it still has not been determined where the cocaine came from, who the dealer was, who bought it and how it was passed around or used, according to the outlet.