Images Of New Amazon Warehouse In Mexico Surrounded By Decrepit Shacks Go Viral

Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images

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Images showing a new Amazon fulfillment center in Tijuana, Mexico, surrounded by run-down homes went viral Monday.

Photographer Omar Martinez shared Sunday photos of the online retail giant’s new warehouse building surrounded by dilapidated constructions, some of which appeared to be made of cardboard.


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The facility is located about three miles south of the U.S.-Mexico border, Martinez told Business Insider. (RELATED: FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr Pushes For End Of Big Tech ‘Corporate Welfare’ In Broadband Funding)

“Tijuana is one of the most important cities in northern Mexico and our presence there will enable us to generate hundreds of jobs, benefiting both the local community and our customers in the region,” Amazon spokesperson Marisa Vano said, according to Vice.

In October 2020, Amazon announced that it had invested $100 million in the construction of new warehouses in Mexico to improve logistics of the company’s operations, creating 1,500 jobs in the country, Reuters reported.

“Amazon has become one of the principal allies and a strategic partner in the economic recovery and the fulfillment of objectives that have been laid out by the current administration to improve the level of well-being of Mexican families,” Mexico state Governor Alfredo Del Mazo Maza said of the corporation’s contribution to Mexico’s Tepotzotlán state’s recovery from COVID-19, according to Mexico News Daily.