‘If Biden Goes Down, The Media Goes Down’: Jesse Watters Says Midterms Could Be ‘More Of A Bloodbath’ Than Expected

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Jesse Watters said Tuesday that President Joe Biden was “in bed with media” and predicted the 2022 midterm elections could be even worse than expected.

Watters said on “The Five” that the Biden administration was doing its best to “turn the page” from the Afghanistan withdrawal, and he argued that the media did not have to allow that. (RELATED: Fox News Anchor John Roberts Apologizes For Laughing After GOP Rep. Calls For Accountability On Afghanistan)


Co-host Dana Perino began the segment by saying that Biden appeared eager to “change the topic after the chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal,” noting the recently-renewed push for the $3.5 trillion spending plan and the focus on fighting the spread of the COVID Delta variant.

“Republicans are saying not so fast,” Perino continued, sharing a clip of Republican Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton’s thoughts on the issue.

“I understand the administration wants to turn the page, they want this out of the news,” Cotton said.

“President Biden, all he wants to do is build back better. He’s like can we just build back better? Remember he just wants to talk about happy things,” Perino added.

“That’s right happy things. You can’t shift the focus if you’re Joe Biden, he was never focused on Afghanistan in the first place,” Watters replied. “If he was focused on Afghanistan we wouldn’t have lost face, lost Marines, and lost all those weapons.”

“He wasn’t even focused on Afghanistan while he was giving a speech on Afghanistan, remember, Dana? ‘Before I update the American people on Afghanistan, Build Back Better,'” Watters continued.

He went on to argue that the media was not bound to look where Biden was pointing, adding, “Donald Trump, do you think they let Trump turn the page on COVID? … The media lets Democrats turn the page but they’ll close the book on a Republican. That’s how this works. The media is in bed with Biden. If Biden goes down, the media goes down because the Democrats go down.”

Watters concluded by saying that if Biden was unable to get infrastructure done and his poll numbers continued to slip, “the midterms are going to be more of a bloodbath than they’re already shaping up to be. So they’re going to say — which is damning — ‘We’re going to ignore stranded Americans in Afghanistan,’ and the fact that the president is considering turning the page on stranded Americans like you said in the A Block, that means he sees these stranded Americans as a political problem for himself, not a duty or a priority to rescue.”

“So, you know, he’ll spend this $3.5 billion,” he said, “And turn the page — trillion — but he’ll only get credit for inflation.”