‘Not A Good Decision’: Greg Gutfeld Says Sending VP Harris To Help Newsom Is Like Asking Charlie Sheen To Be Your AA Sponsor

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Greg Gutfeld said Tuesday that sending Vice President Kamala Harris to help embattled Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom was a bad idea.

Gutfeld argued on FoxNews’ “The Five” that sending Harris to assist Newsom as he fended off a recall election was akin to “asking Charlie Sheen to be your sponsor at AA.” (RELATED: ‘Like Michael Moore In A Thong’: Gutfeld Says The More US Sees Of Kamala Harris The ‘Worse It Gets’)


Co-host Dana Perino wrapped up a conversation about President Joe Biden’s dipping poll numbers and turned the floor over to Gutfeld.

“Greg, it used to be a few months the president’s worst numbers were on immigration, really bad in the 30s, but now he’s upside down on Afghanistan, COVID, the economy, crime and immigration. So that’s not a good trajectory,” Watters said.

“Yeah, everything he touches turns to poop,” Gutfeld said, then pivoted to the California recall election. “I want to talk about the recall. That excites me.”

“Okay,” Perino replied, sparking a discussion from his co-hosts about whether the conversation about California was supposed to wait for another segment of the show.

“Kamala is going to help him out,” Gutfeld forged ahead anyway, going on to ask whether Harris was “the worst vice president in the history of vice presidents.”

“Well, we’ve had some bad ones,” co-host Jesse Watters replied.

“Sending Kamala to help Gavin is like asking Charlie Sheen to be your sponsor at AA. This is not a good decision. She has the persuasive skills of gout. She’s able to do two things that no person could possibly do. Be invisible and unpopular. Like flatulence. She’s political flatulence,” Gutfeld added, prompting laughter from around the table.

Co-host Jeanine Pirro agreed with Gutfeld, arguing that Harris had not been “present” on any major issues the administration had faced.