Biden Gets Heckled By Locals As He Tours New Jersey


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Protesters in New Jersey heckled President Joe Biden as he toured the state Tuesday, accusing him of abandoning Americans in Afghanistan.

Biden visited New York and New Jersey to survey the damage wrought by Hurricane Ida. During the tour, the president underscored “an existential threat” posed by climate change, CNN reported.

A number of videos from the visit showed former President Donald Trump’s supporters heckling Biden and yelling at his motorcade.



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“You murderer! You murderer killing our kids out there,” one of the protesters can be heard shouting, as the president’s motorcade drove by.

When touring a neighborhood in Manville, New Jersey, Biden was heckled by people who displayed Trump flags, C-SPAN footage shows.

“My best friend died in 2011 in Afghanistan for what?” a man can be heard asking Biden, who was talking to law enforcement officers at the time. “For this guy to pull this s—? You leave them in ruins and leave Americans behind!”

“We will leave YOU behind,” the man added. (RELATED: ‘Let Them Holler’: Joe Biden Laughs Off Hecklers At Virginia Rally)

During his remarks in Queens, New York, Biden blasted climate change skeptics, whom he accused of “yelling that we are talking about and interfering with free enterprise,” according to CNN.

“None of them were shouting or complaining,” Biden said. “Every one of them were thanking me as if it was something special … that I was here.”

“Walking these neighborhoods, meeting the families and the first responders, seeing how folks are doing after this destruction and pain and another devastating storm is an eye-opener,” the president said, CNN reported.