Fox News Anchor John Roberts Apologizes For Laughing After GOP Rep. Calls For Accountability On Afghanistan

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News anchor John Roberts offered an apology Tuesday after he laughed when Republican Florida Rep. Michael Waltz called for accountability on Afghanistan.

Waltz, a former Green Beret, joined Roberts on “America Reports” and said that what most veterans wanted to see from President Joe Biden’s administration was someone willing to take responsibility for the way things had transpired in Afghanistan. (RELATED: ‘Absolutely A Lie’: GOP Rep. Says State Department Tried To Sabotage Afghanistan Rescue, Then Took Credit When It Worked)


“Here is a question for you,” Roberts said to Waltz. “Blinken is coming up to the House Foreign Affairs Committee. What do you want to hear from him?”

“You know what I want to hear? Not so much me. All of these veterans, the Gold Star families, we have 13 new ones now. Victims of 9/11 as we head into the 20th anniversary. Who is going to stand up and say, ‘I screwed up. This was on me. This did not go right,'” Waltz replied, prompting a chuckle from Roberts.

“Instead, we hear officials, including the president, blaming others, saying this was — a lot of happy talk. ‘This was a record evacuation,'” Waltz continued. “Who is going to take responsibility? Publicly and officially. This was a chaotic disaster that’s going to be a stain on the United States.”

Waltz went on to say that the damages done to veterans and to Americans and Afghan allies who were left behind would continue to impact them for years to come.

“That’s what we want to hear. Accountability,” he said.

“Congressman, I apologize to you. And our audience. I chuckled when he said that because I do not expect that will happen,” Roberts said when Waltz had finished. “The closest that we got was the president said the buck stops with him — but it was all Donald Trump’s fault.”