Tesla Car Catches Man Allegedly Faking Injuries


Kevin Harness Contributor
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A video recorded by a Tesla showed a man allegedly trying to fake his injuries, the video shows.

Louisiana resident Arthur Bates Jr., was arrested Friday when he claimed he was hit by a car, but video from the car’s camera showed him allegedly staging the incident, according to a Facebook post from the Slidell Police Department. (RELATED: Drunk Driving Suspect Tearfully Apologizes For Killing Officer In Fatal Crash)

Police arrived at 1400 Fremaux Avenue around 4:00pm after receiving a 911 call from Bates about the incident. He claimed that the car hit him as it was backing out and that the driver left the parking lot. He added that he was suffering from back, neck, and leg injuries which at that point an ambulance and fire truck were dispatched.

Slidell police were able to locate the vehicle that Bates claimed hit him and they talked to the driver about the incident. The driver claimed that Bates intentionally jumped behind the car and faked his injuries. When Slidell police reviewed the footage recorded by the Tesla, it became clear that Bates staged the entire incident.

Bates confessed that he staged the incident and faked his injuries. Slidell police arrested him under L.R.S. 14:126.1 which is “False Swearing with the Intent to Cause an Emergency Response.”