Woman In A Gorilla Mask Misses Larry Elder’s Head With An Egg From About 18 Inches Away


Madeline Dovi Contributor
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California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder and his campaign team were attacked by egg-throwing protestors while walking through a Los Angeles neighborhood Wednesday.

Video footage shows an egg flying across the screen, narrowly missing Elder. Just seconds later, an unidentified woman in a gorilla mask throws another egg at Elder and narrowly misses. It is not known if Elder or any of his team members were struck by any eggs. (RELATED: ANALYSIS: Larry Elder Could Very Well Be The Next Governor Of California. Naturally, The Media Is Trying To Destroy Him)

A member of Elder’s team can be heard in the video warning the candidate that they’re being, “egged from behind.” Shortly after throwing the egg and missing, the gorilla-masked woman gets approached by a male staffer and shouts “Don’t touch me, motherf*cker!” before appearing to slap him in the face, video shows. (RELATED: California’s Former Democratic State Senate Leader Endorses Larry Elder)


Shortly thereafter, an unidentified man aggressively approaches the same staffer and yells at him, merely inches from his face, video shows. It is unclear what he says to the staffer.

Elder is widely considered to be the leading Republican challenger to Gov. Gavin Newsom in the California recall election, as previously reported. He leads the polls to be Newsom’s replacement, with Real Clear Politics and FiveThirtyEight both showing him leading by a margin of +10.