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“Winners Never Lose Because They Never Give Up” – IG Star Ava Bamby

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Ava Bamby is not your typical girl-next-door. While she may look like some regular blonde making waves as a content creator, she is anything but regular.

For one thing, Ava has made it a point to be a winner all throughout her life. While like many young girls, she did initially dream of becoming a model and actress, her life took an unexpected route when she attended a military school. There, Ava shined. It took her only three years to graduate, and she did so with Honors.

However, Ava chose to abandon this set path of government service when she realized she could use her talents to become a full-time content creator – even if that meant she would have to pay back thousands of dollars in student loan debt.

At the end of the day, Ava felt confident in her decision, and was determined to show others it was the right one too.

Ava Bamby quickly found herself among the top rising digital stars of 2021 after she was able to grow her following from zero to 1 million in a span of only 30 days. After four months, she already had 3 million followers across her social media platforms. She specializes in making original photo and video content across multiple platforms to entertain her fanbase. However, unlike some other content creators, Ava prides herself on being a trendsetter, and spending hours on end planning and perfecting her unique content.

“That extra effort [I put in] has gone lengths to making it clear to fans that I’m not just the same thing, [with a] different face, as they are scrolling through their feed,” says Ava.

One of the biggest challenges Ava has had to face as a budding content creator has been having to deal with individuals who steal her content. Copyright infringement is not uncommon in the industry and she knew she had to do something about it.

“Stop complaining about what’s wrong, and start making things right,” says Ava. She followed her own advice and became an entrepreneur, creating proprietary technology to take down digital criminals and help other creators take full and complete ownership of their content.

However, Ava admits that starting a new business presented challenges of its own. She faced yet another hurdle when she found she was being objectified as a businesswoman by her supposed peers. Ava felt that men and women alike often wouldn’t take her ideas seriously because of her appearance. Instead, she felt stereotyped as a “dumb blonde,” despite being fluent in seven different languages, being a licensed pilot, and EMT.

Despite these issues, Ava moved forward, and hasn’t let anyone stop her from fulfilling her dreams. She is always determined never to lose.

For anyone who is experiencing similar kinds of issues and discrimination, Ava Bamby encourages them not to give up: “You can never please everyone. Just be happy with the content you create and focus on your supporters.”