Robbers Hold Up Group At Gunpoint In Broad Daylight

[Twitter Screenshot Leanne Suter]

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Police have reportedly arrested one man who is suspected of robbing a group of three people in broad daylight at a Los Angeles restaurant Tuesday.

Security footage captured the brazen robbery at the Fairfax District eatery around 5:00 p.m., Tuesday. Three seemingly unsuspected individuals can be seen sitting and talking at a table on the sidewalk when two other masked individuals approach the group, video shows. At least one of the suspects is seen holding a gun while both suspects take the groups’ belongings, including what appears to be at least one purse and a cell phone The two suspects then dart off.

One of the suspects has been arrested, according to Fox 11. The names of the suspects are being kept confidential but Fox 11 reports that both are accused of being involved in another robbery that took place earlier in September. (RELATED: Uber Driver Killed By Shot To The Head During Attempted Robbery)

Locals say this particular Los Angeles neighborhood has grown increasingly dangerous, according to ABC 7. “That’s terrifying,” resident Asha Iyer told ABC 7. “I live in this neighborhood and hang out all the time. I had no idea that was happening.”

An employee at Shoe Palace in the Fairfax District was fatally shot in August after an argument ensued over a raffle. A 16-year-old was later arrested.

“I’ve been a resident here since 1965 and the neighborhood has drastically changed lately,” Shelby Blecker told CBS LA in February amid a spike in armed robberies.