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3 Common Mistakes to Avoid to Make It Big in Life per Abdulla Saeed AlMarri

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Anybody who has never made a mistake has probably never tried anything new. Every new approach in life is never a walk in the park. Success is not so much measured by the number of your achievements as it is by the number of times you lift yourself back after facing a failure. Most people are afraid of trying new things and committing mistakes. Abdulla Saeed AlMarri, a renowned photographer and media personality, spoke with us on the main mistakes that hold people back from making it big in life.

Abdulla Saeed AlMarri was born in the tough desert environments of Qatar. Over the years, AlMarri developed a love and passion for photography. Despite knowing little about cameras initially, he still believed in his dream. AlMarri is well known for posting important news on Snapchat and Twitter. He shares with us the story of his long journey towards being a successful photographer despite several mistakes that have always held him back and how he dealt with them.

“Don’t ever think you know how things will end up even before trying it out,” says Abdulla Saeed AlMarri. He insists that most people will shy away from trying new ideas because they feel they know how it will end—in failure. AlMarri says that over the years, he has met many people who believed that the difficult circumstances in their lives would never end. Most of them believed their fate was sealed. However, he also notes that most of them had not even tried to make their circumstances better. Yet, those who dared to try and break the rigid chains that held them back have ended up happy and successful. Therefore, AlMarri insists that one should never make the mistake of not believing in themselves and predetermining their fate even before trying.

Next, AlMarri says, “Don’t listen to or bother yourself with the opinions of dream killers.”. He emphasizes the importance of interacting with positive-minded people who boost your morale rather than those who discourage you. AlMarri insists that most people will discourage you not out of good faith but out of envy. “Let friends advise you but not decide on your behalf. Always try to filter the good information thrown towards you,” he advises.

As his final tip, Abdulla Saeed AlMarri says, “Don’t wait for the perfect time; each minute that passes is a perfect time.” AlMarri believes that no matter how much you might wait for the perfect moment to chase your dreams, it never comes. Instead, he believes in waking up from slumber lands and doing what you dream of at this very instant. AlMarri says that his photography business was never easy to start as finances posed a major problem. Yet, he decided to start with the small savings, and the rest, as they say, is history.

We thank Abdulla Saeed AlMarri for his insightful thoughts and observations. Considering his success, it would only do you good to take his advice into consideration.