‘Have At It’: Biden Throws Down Gauntlet On Vax Mandates, Blames Governors For Being ‘Cavalier’ With Lives

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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President Joe Biden doubled down Friday on his plan to force private businesses to adopt vaccine requirements, essentially daring anyone to fight him.

Biden announced Thursday that any private business that employed more than 100 workers would have to require those employees to get a coronavirus vaccine or submit to weekly testing. On Friday morning, he told reporters that his response to anyone challenging that directive was simply, “Have at it.” (RELATED: ‘More Animosity And … Division’: Greg Gutfeld Says Biden Is Painting Unvaxxed Americans As ‘The New Terrorists’)


A reporter asked Biden what his administration would say to Republican governors who had already signaled their intent to fight the mandate, calling it an “overreach.”

“Have at it,” he said, adding, “I am so disappointed that particularly some Republican governors have been so cavalier with the health of these kids.”

More than a dozen Republican governors have already threatened to challenge Biden’s mandates.

Many referred to Biden’s move as a “power grab” and several promised legal action.