‘That’s A Problem’: Trump Says The Downside Of A 2024 Run Is That He’d Save CNN

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Former President Donald Trump told Fox News host Greg Gutfeld that saving CNN would be a potential downside to a 2024 presidential run.

The former president sat down for an interview with Gutfeld, and the latter aired several segments of the exchange on his show Thursday evening. (RELATED: ‘More Animosity And … Division’: Greg Gutfeld Says Biden Is Painting Unvaxxed Americans As ‘The New Terrorists’)


Gutfeld began with a question about the rise in violence in American cities like Chicago, saying that networks like CNN had failed to cover that violence because they were catering to political movements like Defund the Police.

“They denied the rising crime that’s going on because of the defunding of the police ideology and the demoralization of the cops. None of the networks are covering it except for Fox,” he said.

“They don’t prosecute murderers, killers, a guy killed an old woman, a grandmother the other day. They don’t even talk about it. They only go after Republicans,” Trump replied, saying that over one weekend in Chicago 113 people had been shot and 28 people had died.

“That’s worse than Afghanistan was. We didn’t have that. We didn’t lose, I told you, a soldier in many, many months and here they have 28 people died over a weekend. It’s a disgrace,” Trump continued.

“The Taliban has finally made Afghanistan as dangerous as Chicago,” Gutfeld replied, pivoting to the subject of a potential 2024 run for Trump. “One problem with you running for president again is that going to save CNN. You are aware of that.”

“That’s a problem,” Trump agreed. “I am very proud of what they’ve done for them. They are down 81%.”

Trump went on to say that some of CNN’s problems were self-inflicted because the did not like to cover things that made Democrats look bad.

“They are doing it to protect some of the most incompetent people in history of politics,” he said.