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Eric Spofford on What It Takes to Stand Out from the Rest in Your Industry

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Success comes to those who are willing to take the necessary risks, walk the tough road, and stand apart from what everyone else is doing. This has been Eric Spofford’s mantra through his recovery and entrepreneurial journey. Despite sounding easy, Spofford says that knowing what needs to be done is one thing; doing it right, however, is a complex challenge.

Eric Spofford is the CEO of Spofford Enterprises, a venture capital investments business that focuses on real estate, asset-based lending, and entrepreneurial coaching. Spofford is a recovered drug addict and reformed criminal who spent seven years of his life addicted to substances. Given this, he also uses the platform he has achieved today to further his efforts in helping people affected by addiction.

Having walked the tough, thorny road before he got on the straight and narrow, Eric Spofford notes that overcoming stigma is quite challenging. His work is geared towards eliminating stigma and helping recovering addicts acclimate to society seamlessly.

Eric Spofford says, “Thanks to technology, today, it is possible to leverage digital platforms to showcase your unique edge in your industry. Even with the increased competition, you can still stand out from the rest with determination and an understanding of the digital platforms.”

Speaking of his personal experience, Spofford says that it has taken him quite a long time to stand on his feet due to being a high school dropout, a recovered addict, and having been incarcerated. However, his patience and drive have helped him rise above the stigma and other obstacles standing in his way.

It takes dedication to pursue your passion despite the hurdles you need to jump over. However, Spofford also highlights that you’ll need unique problem-solving skills to help you cut through the thicket of challenges waiting at every bend.

Considering everything that once stood in his way, it is incredible how far Eric Spofford has managed to come today. He is living proof that you can achieve anything you put your mind to and carve out a unique destiny for yourself as long as you keep your focus on your goal, even as you tackle every challenge coming your way.

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