‘A Very Real Threat To Communities Of Color’: LA Times Columnist Says Larry Elder Has A ‘White Supremacist Worldview’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Los Angeles Times columnist Jean Guerrero said Sunday that Republican California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder — who is black — had embraced a “white supremacist worldview.”

Guerrero joined anchor Brian Stelter on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” to discuss Elder’s chances in the recall election for embattled Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom. (RELATED: ‘Larry Elder Is The Black Face Of White Supremacy,’ Says LA Times Columnist)


“He’s clearly the leader among Republicans in this recall,” Stelter began, saying that Elder had done a fairly thorough job of shutting out media outlets he did not want to talk to. “Was he able to run a Trump playbook in the state?”

“I mean, kind of,” Guerrero replied, saying that Elder had basically run his campaign on right-leaning media while refusing to speak with anyone else.

“He’s refused to talk to nonpartisan media outlets and to journalists who are critical of him. Has refused to answer difficult questions,” she continued, adding, “He has been able to reach the minority of voters in California who embrace his white supremacist world view.”

Guerrero went on to argue that Elder had “co-opted” a headline from another L.A. Times columnist, which had referred to him as “the black face of white supremacy,” but that he had not addressed the substance of the reporting.

“His views were shaped by a well-known white supremacist named Jared Taylor who he repeatedly quoted in earlier writings,” she concluded. “He poses a real threat to communities of color for all of the reasons that we’ve reported in the past.”