‘We Love Trump’: Fans Cheer While Donald Trump And Don Jr. Commentate Boxing Match


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The crowd at a Saturday boxing match commentated by former President Donald Trump and his son Don Jr. chanted “we love Trump.”

Trump took the mic ahead of the Evander Holyfield/Vitor Belfort fight but was interrupted by loud chants of his supporters attending the event.

“This is an honor to be with you! What a great evening,” Trump said. “I think you’re gonna see an incredible fight.”

“We love our country, we love our country. Thank you very much,” Trump added, addressing the crowd that continued chanting even after the president had taken his seat at the announcer’s table. (RELATED: Former President Trump Meets With Police, Firefighters On 9/11 Anniversary)

The fight ended with the 58-year-old Holyfield getting knocked out in the first round. The 44-year-old Belfort did not give his opponent a chance to land even a single punch, according to Sky Sports.

During the match’s press conference Thursday, Trump said that his easiest boxing fight would be against President Joe Biden who would “go down very, very quickly.”

Don Jr. joined Friday’s “The David Hookstead Show,” where he shared the details of the upcoming fight and his father’s motivation to be commentating it.


“He’s really a part of boxing and really fight history,” Don Jr. said, praising the former president’s knowledge of boxing, whom he referred to as “encyclopedia.”

Don Jr. added that the pair may agree to commentating a UFC fight if invited by Dana White.