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Dr. Bobbi Peterson On The Benefits Of Using Social Media To Connect With Patients

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Dr. Bobbi Peterson is an orthodontist and the person behind the Aces Braces dental practice. Aces Braces is located in Brooklyn, where Dr. Bobbi is one of only three black female orthodontists. In addition to this, Dr. Bobbi is the only black female orthodontist in New York City to own her practice building.

Before purchasing her own space for the practice, Dr. Bobbi was forced to relocate a few times. The main reason for this was that the building owners would increase her rent, sometimes even by $1,000 per month. “It’s difficult when you have to move your practice frequently. You have to notify all your patients, and some may even find it inconvenient to come to you at your new location,” Dr. Bobbi says.

She searched for the most efficient way to stay in touch with as many of her patients as possible. Dr. Bobbi realized that social media could be of great help, so she started an Instagram account for Aces Braces.

“Social media is a great way to stay in touch with your patients,” Dr. Bobbi says. “But you can also use it to reap many other benefits. Dentists can leverage social media to showcase their expertise and knowledge of the industry. Your content can instill confidence in your patients and help them trust you more.”

As Dr. Bobbi points out, even though people of all ages use social media, most users are Gen Z. She shares four strategies that can help dentists leverage social media and connect with Gen Z.

Use Visual Content

Gen Z favors social media networks that are more visually oriented, such as Snapchat or Instagram. Dr. Bobbi recommends using these platforms and sharing photos from the workplace, remarkable teeth transformations, or even motivational content.

Dr. Bobbi Peterson herself uses Instagram to share the amazing work she does. “The majority of Instagram users are relatively young. Instagram allows you to attract younger patients by focusing on the beauty aspects of dentistry,” Dr. Bobbi explains.

Be Personal

“I noticed that Gen Z loves when you talk with them, not at them,” Dr. Bobbi says. “I always make sure to share engaging content and encourage interaction. Just don’t forget to respond to their comments or reactions to keep the conversation going and build a relationship with your followers.”

Don’t Be Too Promotional

“Social media is an excellent way to promote your products and services,” Dr. Bobbi points out. “But, if your content is overly promotional, patients will tune it out or stop following you.” For that reason, Dr. Bobbi shares all types of content on her Instagram page. She loves sharing her patient’s transformation photos and the joy their new smiles bring. She also tries to share content that is motivational or informational to provide valuable content to her followers.

Deliver Uplifting and Inspiring Content in Small Portions

“Gen Zers are young people who are still going through emotional struggles, which are mostly a result of them still growing up,” Dr. Bobbi says. “Sharing uplifting and inspiring content can be very helpful for all those who are struggling. They may even reach out to you and ask for advice.” Dr. Bobbi Peterson also recommends keeping the content short and publishing content in small portions so as not to cause information overload.