‘Should I Sue CNN?’: Watch As The Media’s Ivermectin ‘Horse Paste’ Hit On Joe Rogan Is Thoroughly Debunked

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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In this week’s episode of “Quality Control with Jobob,” Jobob tackles the media’s latest fascination with podcast host Joe Rogan.

Rogan tested positive for the coronavirus, sparking backlash from some corporate media outlets who chastised him for being a denier of the virus, despite never having denied the virus. Jobob slammed the media for their inability to understand the difference between being skeptical of the vaccine versus not believing in the virus.


Rogan also threatened to sue CNN for allegedly “making shit up” and claiming he used “horse dewormer” to treat his COVID-19. (RELATED: Joe Rogan Says Not To Get Vaccinated If You’re Young, Sparks Massive Backlash)

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