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How Andrew Ochoa Successfully Transitioned from Military Sergeant to Social Media Guru

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Andrew G. Ochoa is a renowned brand marketer with vast experience in the business world. He is also the founder and CEO of Triple M Inc., a leading social media marketing company helping hundreds of businesses succeed in the internet world. As a self-taught marketer, Andrew has worked with many remarkable businesses and brands by strengthening their social media presence. Aside from this, he is also a life coach and mentors many who look up to him as a role model in the business and entrepreneurial world.

An established social media guru, Andrew started his career in the military. He worked as a sergeant in the United States Army and was among the team leaders deployed to Afghanistan. After returning to the military barracks, his contract ended in 2018, Andrew officially became a civilian. Andrew was then leading an everyday civilian life, free from the strict military rules. And because life had to move on, he switched his focus and acquired knowledge about sales and marketing.

Learning the complexities of sales and marketing was one of the biggest challenges in Andrew’s newly-found career. To better understand how to make it in the field, Andrew searched for valuable knowledge by reading the books of prominent salespeople and through podcasts. With the vast knowledge he gained from his research, he decided to test the most important tips and picked out what worked for him and what didn’t.

“When you have a positive mindset, you can perceive challenges in a different way. Having an open mind makes you see difficulties as opportunities, and you need to hold them as privileges to thrust you to your next level,” shares Andrew.

Having a positive mindset enabled Andrew to remain focused and motivated towards achieving his dreams. Today, the self-taught marketer and entrepreneur has impacted hundreds of businesses through social media. Andrew has helped many veterans expand their businesses by leveraging their social media by offering them free coaching and mentorship. Furthermore, he has helped many clients develop their brands and cement their online presence by growing their Instagram accounts to establish their brands.

Andrew believes that creating a personal or business brand has many benefits. Branding assists you in developing unique features that put you above your competitors, and your customers can easily reach out to you and associate themselves with your products or services.

Besides investing in your finances, Andrew believes that investing in relationships is also very important. “Your network equals your net worth,” says Andrew. He also remarks that creating and nurturing a solid network is an essential asset in life. Andrew believes that collaborating with other people who share your values and goals will lead to relationships with like-minded people who will help you scale to higher levels of success than you could reach on your own.

Andrew hopes to build an influential brand that will provide value and impact many lives. He aspires to build strong relationships with his broad network and take care of those in his circle. Andrew is also looking forward to bringing value to many businesses by helping people to establish their brands and showing them how to develop a high-level network.