‘It’s Just Insane’: Joe Scarborough Slams Republicans For Attacking Milley, Says They’d Accuse Him Of Treason ‘For Eating A Jelly Doughnut’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough ripped into Republicans during Thursday’s “Morning Joe,” criticizing them for attacking Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley.

Scarborough alleged that Republicans had actually turned on Milley because he admitted to reading about critical race theory (CRT), and that they had only been pushed further by reports he had also called his Chinese counterpart to reassure him an attack was not coming. (RELATED: ‘Their Product Is Killing Teenage Girls!’: Joe Scarborough Pins Blame On Congress In Emotionally-Charged Anti-Facebook Rant)


Scarborough began the segment by arguing that Republicans had first soured on Milley when he said in a recent hearing that he had read books about CRT and was working to better understand “white rage.”

“These little snowflakes so delicate and so pure, they’re so natural and their mothers told them and their fathers told them, every one of you, every one of you is separate and different. There’s no one snowflake like another,” Scarborough said in mocking tones. “Yet all of these snowflakes on the Republican side, they’re alike in one way. They’re all melting, because General Milley said the words ‘Critical Race Theory’ and said, yeah, I’ve read about it. Good to know that. Marxism. I’ve read about it. And they — they still, they’re still in a freak-out mode.”

Scarborough went on to say that Milley had then taken “steps to defend America,” referencing Milley’s alleged call to China, and argued the Republicans were calling him “treasonous” because in their minds he had already “left the tribe.”

“He never intervened,” Scarborough continued. “Just made a phone call. Listen, don’t take advantage of the United States. Don’t even think about it. If you do, you’ll be sorry. So it wasn’t really intervening and they’re still melting down … He left the tribe. Yeah. So now let’s accuse him of treason for eating a jelly doughnut, and having some of the jelly drop on some of his medals.”

Cohost Willie Geist also noted that, according to additional reporting, Milley had not been the only one involved in the calls.

Scarborough concluded the segment by claiming that Republicans had trashed the FBI, the CIA and the intelligence community. “This is a party that is now attacking generals, the FBI, the CIA, the intel community. The very people who keep us safe. It’s crazy,” he said.