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Nicola Atzei Explains How Physical Health and Mental Health Are Co-Dependent

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“A sound mind in a healthy body” is a well-known motto attributed to old Greek philosophers and was the main component of Hippocratic philosophy. As a part of their healthcare practices, ancient Greeks heavily promoted physical activity and emphasized the importance of nutrition as an essential component of both physical and mental health.

Thousands of years ago, people knew that physical activity greatly improved mental health and capacity and significantly impacted overall health. The same facts are still there, as even today, people know that exercise helps in improving both physical and psychological conditions.

With that in mind, Nicola Atzei created Team Nicola Atzei®, a fitness coaching company whose aim is to help others improve their physical appearance through personalized training and fitness lifestyle plans.

Besides helping people achieve top physiques in just a few months, Atzei’s coaching programs are also focused on mental well-being, as his other aim is to raise public awareness on the impact of physical exercising on a person’s mental health.

As Atzei points out, “Physical activity is one of the most effective ways to keep our bodies feeling and looking their best for as long as possible. Regular exercise provides non-stop health benefits; your heart works better and your mind works faster.”

Atzei explains that even though people know that exercise helps physical outcomes, the awareness of its impact on mental health is low. “People don’t know how much they can get from a simple morning jog—the energy throughout the day, better sleep at night, the positivity about themselves,” he says. “That means that you don’t have to be a fitness freak to reap the benefits that exercise offers.”

In fact, numerous studies have demonstrated that even modest amounts of exercise can make a significant difference, as it reduces stress, improves memory, helps people sleep better, improves their overall mood, and has a profoundly positive impact on depression, anxiety, and ADHD.

Speaking from personal experience, Atzei says that the more people exercise, the better they will feel. As he further explains, he believes that satisfaction arises from sacrifice and hard work, and that those are the values that he tries to instill in all of his clients.

“I always dare my clients to be the best versions of themselves, both in training and in life,” says Atzei. “I try to show them that, with enough commitment, perseverance, and dedication, they can achieve anything they set their minds to.”

Nicola Atzei regularly updates his Instagram page with motivational and inspirational content, as well as fitness tips and recommendations. Feel free to contact him directly via Instagram if you are interested in his services.