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Shane Hall Talks About Gaining the Competitive Edge by Traveling to 70+ Countries

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When talking to anyone about their wildest dreams or goals in life, many will have “traveling the world” at the top of their list. According to a report conducted by the U.S. Travel Association, 60% of American travelers travel to improve their outlook on life, and 72% travel to see more of the world. With much of the population striving to discover the world, many will have to balance the life of traveling and working to support the dream of exploring the globe.

Shane Hall is a self-made business owner who knew he would not just work for a living, but also experience all that life has to offer. Hall is the Regional Manager at AMP Smart, the 12th largest smart home company in the United States. He also developed a marketing company that offers mentoring and marketing strategies for the digital world to help grow brands and teach young, ambitious individuals to grow more, make more, and have more. Hall has mentored hundreds of students in building businesses, personal growth, maximizing wealth, and establishing their brands. His mantra, “Live and give exceptionally,” fuels his passion for helping others achieve personal goals and their life visions.

Hall has ten years of regional management experience, which has given him the opportunity to travel to over 70 countries, work with several nonprofits, and further develop his knowledge in the field of personal marketing and brand development. At the age of 35, Hall has traveled to over a third of the countries of the world. The unique experiences gained with world travel have helped Hall cultivate his business and brand, and he believes that integrating authentic world experiences within his business gives him a massive competitive edge. Hall strives to share his knowledge from world travel and believes every path he takes should be about acquiring more knowledge and experiences. His genuine love for helping others grow shines through in all of his work, and he believes aligning with those who share the same goals and visions is essential in business.

Hall is working on creating a greener and more eco-friendly image for his company. He has goals to create a more “give”-based outlook and is focusing on what his company can put into the world versus what it can take out. An aspect that sets Hall apart from competitors is his passion for growing a healthy and wealthy lifestyle and the commitment he has to extending that passion on a global scale. His mentorship program highlights a clear path to success for driven individuals by sharing the necessary knowledge to create aggressive assets and sustainable wealth authentically in an inauthentic world. “The essence of my brand is to live and give exceptionally and motivate others to do the same—helping companies and individuals unearth and cultivate a unique story,” says Hall.

Hall has many exciting plans for the future, including a marketing campaign for world-class athletes and up-and-coming athletes with an emphasis on authentic storytelling. Additionally, AMP Smart is focusing on sustainable energy and establishing sponsorships and scholarships. AMP Smart will pivot to healthy investments in individuals and the world by shifting the focus to investing in sustainable energy and the next generation of driven, business-focused individuals.

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