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‘This Is How You Create Terrorists’: Kennedy Blasts Biden’s ‘Shoot First, Aim Later’ Drone Policy

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox Business host Lisa Kennedy reacted Friday to the news that a U.S. drone strike had accidentally killed an aid worker and his family, children included.

Kennedy said on “The Five” that deadly mistakes — such as a drone strike that killed innocent people rather than military targets — could potentially risk inspiring more people in Afghanistan to side with terrorists against the United States. (RELATED: Kennedy Calls Kamala Harris A ‘Cackling Pantsuit’)


Co-host Greg Gutfeld responded first, saying that he thought the drone strike had been largely a political move to reassure the American people that President Joe Biden’s administration was doing something in the wake of the terror attack at Kabul’s airport that left 13 American service members dead. (RELATED: ‘You Think You’d Kind Of Know Before You Off Somebody With A Predator Drone’: Rand Paul Blasts Blinken On Drone Strike)

“I really do think he was under pressure to act. That’s why they acted and they did a horrible, horrible thing,” Gutfeld continued. “You know, it’s been eight or nine months in this administration and their mantra should be ‘a lot went wrong’ because this White House right now is a mess.”

Gutfeld went on to note that there were still Americans and allies trapped in Afghanistan.

“I hope that the people are happy we got rid of a president because of his mean tweets in exchange what you got is a president who’s just mucking it all up,” he added, arguing that despite his brash demeanor, former President Donald Trump had been more of a peacemaker.

“I’m always going to vote for the jerk. You know what? You’re harder on the jerk. The jerk ends up being more sensible. He’s been a jerk for so long, he has to be more sensible. Right?” Gutfeld concluded. “The nice guys get away with literally murder.”

Kennedy weighed in then, comparing the errant drone strike to former President Barack Obama’s drone policy.

“This is how you create terrorists,” she said. “Shoot first, aim later doesn’t work here. This is what happens. This is absolutely horrific. This is why there are so many in the military, especially special operators, that are opposed to drone strikes in general but especially these kind that really miss the mark.”

Kennedy then turned her attention to Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley and White House press secretary Jen Psaki, adding, “Those propagandists need to resign. They are doing the devil’s work. They are doing so much harm to this country.”

She concluded by agreeing with Gutfeld that the strike had been rushed and politically motivated, noting that what she would really like to know was where the military had gotten the intelligence. “Was it from the Taliban?” she asked.