‘They Sat On It For Months!’: Mark Levin Flames Woodward And Costa For Hiding Milley Actions Until They Needed Book Sales

Screencap/Fox News Hannity

Jack Kerley Contributor
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Radio Host and Author Mark Levin appeared on “Hannity” Friday night to give his thoughts on the new book by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, and he blasted the two for withholding information for book sales.

Levin referenced “Peril,” and the claims it made against Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milley — namely that he went outside the chain of command to reassure the Chinese that the United States was not planning an attack — and noted that Milley was expected to appear in congressional hearings in the near future.

“The Democrat Party will do everything they can to run interference for Milley. They’re running interference for Milley because they’re running interference for Nancy Pelosi,” Levin said, “Nancy Pelosi has a key role in this,” Levin said before calling her “absolutely nuts.” (RELATED: Gen. Milley Allegedly Took Secret Action To Prevent Trump From Using Nuclear Weapons)


Woodward and Costa’s book, “Peril,” threw even more explosive allegations at Milley, claiming he usurped the civilian chain of command by calling his Chinese counterpart — without then President Donald Trump’s knowledge — and promised to warn the Chinese if an attack were imminent. This quickly prompted accusations of treason from conservatives.

“He calls in his subordinates and they talk about, what is our process and let’s go over it for using nuclear weapons,” Levin said, “President Trump never hinted ever about using nuclear weapons, there’s no basis for this whatsoever.”

“I might add, in a footnote,” Levin continued, “I don’t know who’s more loathsome, Milley, who is loathsome, or Woodward and Costa.”

“They sat on it for months and months when the American people should have known, when congress should have known, and of course the people in the military should have known that we have a rogue general,” Levin said referring to Woodward and Costa.

“Our constitutional construct’s under attack, our traditions and adherence to laws are under attack, comity, c-o-m-i-t-y, is under attack,” Levin said, “because we have this doofus as President of the United States.

“The media in the country is contributing to its destruction and turning it inside out. This is a battle between liberty and tyranny,” Levin concluded.

So far, President Joe Biden has stood by Milley despite calls for his resignation, saying that he still has confidence in him.