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As per Martina Slajerova, Following Your Passion Is Always Worth the Risks Involved

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Getting stuck in a rut and working a dead-end job is the reality for millions of people across the globe. It’s a harsh truth, but there it is. All too often in life, the dreams we have as children slowly fade as the jobs we accept to pay the bills and bridge the gap to our true passions become the trap from which we cannot escape. Following your passion and realizing your dream may be a risky business, but according to Martina Slajerova, it’s well worth the gamble.

“Removing the security blanket of all that is tried, tested, and safe and throwing caution to the wind is always a massive leap of faith,” explained Martina Slajerova. “Below you lies a gaping abyss of uncertainty, and behind you lies all that is familiar and comfortable, but on the other side of that chasm, there is a promised land of opportunity and wonder for those brave enough to seek it.”

They’re poetic words, but Martina Slajerova is prone to waxing lyrical about throwing off the shackles of her old life in finance and pursuing her passion as a food and nutrition expert. She knows from personal experience the claustrophobic limitations and soul-crushing lassitude of a job you hate. She urges everyone to only follow the route which they are truly passionate about.

Slajerova added, “After two long years of working in finance, it became quite a simple choice for me. I felt like a round peg being forced to fit in a square hole. It was excruciatingly uncomfortable. I felt that the potential and passion that once defined me would become little more than a distant memory if I didn’t break free. Working in the food and nutrition sector was what I was truly passionate about, and so, one day, I woke up, and my mind was decided—a change had to come!”

That change saw Martina Slajerova slowly metamorphose into an established author with ten cookbooks to her name. She also found fame as the Founder of the groundbreaking and successful KetoDiet app. She’s come a long way since she decided to throw away a solid career in finance for one that was uncertain and potentially fickle, but she passed the tests fate threw her way and is now reaping the rewards.

Martina Slajerova explained, “Setting out in a new direction with only your passion to navigate your way is always an extremely risky endeavor that takes time and a lot of hard work. Anyone who says any different is not telling the truth. However, I now have a job that I love and look forward to working every day. To me, that’s a prize well worth taking any risk for.”