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Ian Prukner on Achieving the Elusive Work-Life Balance

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A well-crafted work-life balance is essential to attaining success in both your professional and personal life. A business development leader, and coach, Ian Prukner shares his story on achieving this balance. He is on a mission to empower others to achieve prosperity in both their personal life and professional careers by giving them access to the right tools.

This 37-year-old from Royal Oak, Michigan, was working three jobs to make ends meet for his family. When one job’s salary got cut, his finances demanded he get a fourth job, but Ian decided to stretch beyond what he thought was possible and embark on a new chapter. Ian pivoted and pursued his dream career, getting started in the financial services industry.

Today, Ian Prukner is an author, investor, and leadership coach in addition to running one of the largest financial services agencies in the nation., he helps families from all walks of life attain financial independence, financial freedom, and live happier-wealthier lives.

Ian states that in order to find happiness in your home, you need your professional and personal life to be aligned. That is where the true success lies. Ian is a prime example, as he has been able to build a business empire in addition to a beautiful family. His testimony is seen through his work.

His business has helped over 30,000 families establish financial control, which is something that gives Ian an incredible amount of fulfillment. This is a huge driving factor for Ian, as he worked relentlessly in the past just to make ends meet. Thankfully, he realized there was a better way to achieve the work-life balance after educating himself in the financial services industry.

Through Ian’s journey and success, he has used this lesson to help others achieve greater personal and professional success. Although money isn’t everything, it’s up there with oxygen. It gives you the security, freedom, and access to the resources you need to find success and stability

Ian Prukner believes that although you might be winning in business, you are not really winning if you’re not content with your personal life too. You need to have a balance between you work and your life if you want to create significant long range success.