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An Exclusive Interview with the Enterprising Gary Amers

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As a peak performance mentor and life coach who has worked with three different royal families and a host of celebrities, including Emmy and Bafta award winners, it’s safe to say that Gary Amers knows a thing or two about getting the best out of people and teaching them to see things from a completely different perspective. Yet, when asked, Amers will be the first to tell you that he didn’t choose this career of helping people fulfill their full potential; the career chose him.

“From a young age, people naturally opened up to me and asked for advice regarding their problems,” explained the man who originally hails from the United Kingdom’s Newcastle upon Tyne. “Without being arrogant, I guess I had a natural aptitude and instinct for visualizing exactly how any given individual could achieve their true potential and be the best possible version of themselves.”

As someone who grew up on food stamps and in a very poor neighborhood, Gary Amers is no stranger to overcoming the limitations of both his environment and personal circumstances to create a better life for himself. Amers explained, “I came from a background where there was little expectation about the future, but even as a young boy, I knew I could achieve anything as long as I adopted the right mindset. The power of positive thinking is something of a cliché, but trust me, it works! To get out of any challenging situation, you must first visualize the solution by breaking it down into small, manageable steps before implementing measures to realize those steps. It’s all about believing that your thoughts can shape your reality. It’s the same method I use with my clients, and it never fails.”

After a brief stint as a successful actor, Gary Amers found his true calling as a life coach. He has since traveled the world helping others live the life they’ve always wanted to lead. His passion for helping people break out of the claustrophobic bubble of their self-limiting beliefs has never wavered, and he considers showing people the path to becoming hugely successful in their professional and personal lives as his ultimate reward.

“You cannot outsmart your subconscious, and when I help people to tap into and connect with theirs, it’s a staggeringly beautiful thing,” explained Gary Amers. “Your self-image forms in your subconscious, which dictates who you are and the life you lead. However, with some help, you can change it for the better, and that’s where the real magic lies.”

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