REPORT: Man Charged With Murder Claims Heiress Girlfriend Died During Sex Game


Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A German man reportedly claimed that his girlfriend, a British heiress, died during a sex game as many people alleged he killed her for money.

Twenty-two-year-old Anna Reed was found dead in the bathroom of her Swiss hotel room in April of 2019 after her boyfriend, Marc Schatzle, called authorities, the Daily Mail reported Monday night. An autopsy later revealed that Reed died from strangulation and had small cuts and fractures throughout her body, according to the report.

Schatzle is on trial for allegedly murdering Reed. Schatzle was reportedly in massive debt at the time of Reed’s death and allegedly knew Reed had £25,000 in her account. Investigators then found Reed’s credit card shoved in a hotel elevator panel five months after her death, leading investigators to believe Schatzle stole it, according to the Daily Mail. Schatzle denied the allegation and claimed he hid the card as a gag, according to the report.

Schatzle, whose face is covered in tattoos, with one reading “warrior,” met Reed sometime in February of 2019, according to the Daily Mail. The duo traveled to several countries, with Reed covering the cost of the travel, The Sun reported.

On the night of Reed’s death, hotel guests said they heard chaos coming from Reed and Schatzle’s room, according to The Sun.

“I heard breaking glass and furniture being pushed noisily around the room,” one witness reportedly told the court during Schatzle’s hearing. (RELATED: Man Allegedly Admits To Decapitating Girlfriend, Charged With Her Death)

“There was crying. A voice said, ‘you are killing me’ or ‘you are kidding me.'”

Schatzle, however, denied allegations of murder, instead attributing her death to a sex game.

“She liked sex clubs, such as the Kit Kat in Berlin, and drinking — she was British,” he said in court, according to The Sun.

“I put a towel around her neck and started kissing her,” Schatzle reportedly told the court. “But she wanted more so I put my hand on the towel and pushed.”

Schatzle remains on trial and is charged with intentional homicide, theft, fraud and drug offenses, according to the New York Post.